Financial Planning


As your wealth grows, so does the complexity of your financial life. Managing the many moving parts of your finances can seem overwhelming.  Retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, educational planning, charitable gifting, investment management, risk management. Who can put it all together?

We can help with a comprehensive and integrated wealth management strategy that starts with an overview of your financial position, determines your goals, and develops an action plan that most effectively helps you reach them.

Making sense of your finances is more important than ever in today's constantly changing economic environment.  We help you formulate strategies that address a broad range of concerns so that clients are able to make informed financial decisions.  In order to meet your goals, our comprehensive financial plans incorporate tax planning, risk management, investments, insurance, estate planning, charitable strategies and retirement.

Our comprehensive approach helps you achieve financial confidence and takes you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.  Upon completion of the financial plan, we assist in the proper implementation and monitoring of the financial plan towards meeting goals and objectives.  

We can assist you with: 

Review your income to determine if it supports your spending/savings goals.

Understanding financial life events

Preparation of a financial plan to guide you through retirement

Review savings and investment accounts

Discussion of purchase of new primary or secondary residence

Discussion of various mortgage options, including home equity lines

Changes of lifestyle - Marriage, divorce, death of spouse, birth/adoption of a child or grandchild, significant change in household income, receive large sum of money, inheritance, acquired or sold Interest in business, etc.

Goal analysis and funding options for major purchases

Stock option planning

Significant changes to employee benefit package 

Special situations planning – separated, long-term illness or disability, loss of job, change in job, special needs, etc.

Have retired or plan to retire shortly

Life Insurance / Risk Management Planning